Monday, February 12, 2018

Think Pink | Valentine's Inspiration!

Happy Monday! It is only TWO days until Valentine's ... or Galentine's Day in my case!! To help me get in the spirit ... which wasn't hard since my favourite colour is pink, I am showing you guys FIVE pink inspired outfits! I hope these outfits can help motivate you and spark your creativity... we all could use a little more colour in our lives and help put an end to those dang awful winter blues!

Sweater: Gap
Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: H&M
Jeans: Target

Kimono: Forever 21
Long Sleeve: Forever 21
Jeans: Winners

Cardigan: Zara
T-Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Winners
Necklace: Forever 21

Ruffle T-Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21
T-Shirt: Forever 21
Belt: H&M

I would love to know what you have planned for your Valentines or Galentines Day this year! Remember to treat, spoil and love yourself! xo

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pinterest Picks: My 2018 Winter Style

Last year I uploaded a post Pinterest Picks: My Style and Pinterest Picks: My 2017 Summer Style. As winter is in full swing I thought I would share with you some of my favourite winter outfits I have come across while on Pinterest and possibly give you some inspiration for your own winter style. As you will see below, chunky knit sweaters, scarfs, vests and pretty pale pinks and greys are just some of the things I have been loving and pinning!

I would like to mention that I do NOT own any of these pictures and the links to their original posts can be found on the 'My Style' board or the 'Winter 2018 Fashion' board on my Pinterest.  If you have not already, I would love a follow so I can follow you back and see what you have been pinning lately! 

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Monday, January 29, 2018

BIRTHDAY POST: 24 Facts About Me!

It's that time of year again, my birthday! To celebrate my 24 years on this earth, here is 24 facts about me! It has become a tradition over the years to share these insights into my life with you, so be sure to check out Birthday Post: 23 Facts About Me!, I Don't Know About You But I'm Feeling 22: Birthday Post, and Birthday Post: 21 Facts About Me!

  • I can't sleep on my back.
  • I would love to learn calligraphy, it is so pretty and timeless.
  • My favourite chips are Zesty Doritos.
  • I hate, hate, hate cilantro.
  • My first car was a 2006 Black Mazda 3.
  • My all time favourite tv show is Friends. I am totally Monica in every way!
  • I love baking. Make sure you check out my cookie and muffin recipes!
  • I have naturally curly hair but wear it straight.
  • I started my Youtube channel this past year, it's still in the early stages but I would love new subscribers.
  • I live out of my planner. It's my lifeline.
  • To-Do Lists are my addiction. I'm the type of person who will add things to the list just to get the satisfaction of crossing it off.
  • I love Mountain Dew, it is one of my guilty pleasures.
  • I'm terrified of snakes, no mater the shape or size.
  • I can't sleep with socks on.
  • My favourite Ice-cream is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.
  • My current favourite song is Marry Me by Thomas Rhett.
  • Over the years I have become a morning person. I love having productive days.
  • I prefer talking on the phone rather than texting.
  • I'm early to everything, I have a fear of being late.
  • I hate, hate, hate public speaking of any kind.
  • Family is HUGE to me. They are not on family but some of my best friends.
  • I'm a homebody. I would much rather have a night in than hit the town.
  • I would love to travel to New York sometime in this next year.
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I would love to thank my amazing friends for such a fun and memorable birthday weekend! There are not enough words to describe how much you mean to me!

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